This Week at the Market - Waitangi Weekend

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This Week at the Market - Waitangi Weekend

6th February 2021

Hi there


Well, I’ve stepped one stride across the room in our little Moray Place market office to the ‘hot seat’ this week after 18 months as assistant manager.  A sideways shuffle tinged with a little sadness that Kate is going on to other things, but I’m happy to be here to run one of Otago’s top weekly destinations.  It is a privilege I’m looking forward to, we have great loyal customers we rely on, a wonderful array of vendors & supportive trustees, staff & volunteers.  I endeavour to keep that momentum going, business as usual…. And YES we are open this Saturday (Waitangi Day) with plenty of the usuals including figs again for their short season (which was a fig frenzy last weekend) so get in quick smart!  Also we look forward to a new vendor to the Market - Anna from Waitaki Mushrooms where she will be up on the platform with fresh oyster mushrooms.

And we are sending best wishes for a good recovery to Graham from The Porridge Bar as he recovers from major surgery this week, we won't see him or Dawn for the next little bit but we are thinking of him & we look forward to their eventful return to the platform.  

See you on Saturday....

Ngā mihi 


Market Manager


This Week in the kitchen

Elizabeth is back in the kitchen and has been fizzing with idea's on how to use all the incredible summer produce on offer! She's provided an abundance of delicious recipe options this week. Come and sample them this Saturday!

Amazing Vendors This Week:

Blueskin Bay Honey Wildflower & Wild Thyme Honey – Carrot and Cumin Relish + Thai Basil Pork Bites

Ettrick Gardens Broadbeans & CarrotsBroadbean Pesto with Zucchini Pasta + Carrot and Cumin Relish

Harbour Fish Gurnard – Ika Mata Gurnard Salad

Kakanui Produce Red Chilli – Ika Mata Gurnard Salad

Janefield Hydroponics Basil Broadbean Pesto with Zucchini Pasta

NZ Nut Products Walnuts - Broadbean Pesto with Zucchini Pasta

Havoc Farm Pork Mince – Thai Basil Pork Bites

Dunford Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Broadbean Pesto with Zucchini Pasta + Ika Mata Gurnard Salad

No.8 Distillery Hibiscus Gin – Rhubarb Hibiscus Gin Jam

Willowbrook Orchard Peaches – Ika Mata Gurnard Salad

Broadbean Pesto with Zucchini Pasta

Produce from Ettrick Gardens Janefield Paeonies and Hydroponics NZ Nut Products Dunford Grove

View Recipe
Carrot & Cumin relish.jpg

Carrot and Cumin Relish

Produce from Ettrick Gardens Blueskin Bay Honey

View Recipe
Ika Mata.jpg

Ika Mata Gurnard Salad

Produce from Harbour Fish Willowbrook Orchard Dunford Grove Kakanui Produce

View Recipe
thai Basil Pork Bites.jpg

Thai Basil Pork Bites

Produce from Havoc Farm Pork Blueskin Bay Honey

View Recipe
Rhubarb gin Jam.jpg

Rhubarb Hibiscus Gin Jam

Produce from No.8 Distillery

View Recipe

Marie’s Specials this Week:

maries square.jpg

Sauerkraut, kimchi, and other seasonal fermented vegetables.

Some people ask me “how do we eat fermented vegetables”? Well, you can include them in sandwiches, pita’s, tacos, burgers. Or just have some on the side of your plate and mix with the food you are eating, as a condiment. You can also cook with it, but you do lose some of the good nutrients in the cooking process. I love to have a piece of toast or cracker, with some vegan cheese, avocado or dip, with some of the fermented vegetables on top. 


Sauerkraut (onion & garlic or cabbage)

Kimchi - mild, medium, or hot is available (cabbage, onion, ginger, garlic & red pepper & chilli in the hot)

Cabbage, #daikon, *yams, ginger, red Korean pepper, galangal – Kimchi style (medium) 

Cabbage, carrots, celeriac, brocoflower, lemongrass, fennel & mustard seed 

                * organic   # spray free   

ORGANIC FRESH TEMPEH: 1 packet (225gm) for $8 or 2 packets for $15

Quinoa, chickpea & sunflower seed VEGETARIAN / VEGAN.  Freshly made every week from different beans, cereal and seeds. 

I use this organic fresh tempeh in my burgers. 

LOW SUGAR JAM: Plum, Nectarine, Apricot, Strawberry, Gooseberry, Cherry, Blackcurrant, Rhubarb.

SATURDAY SPECIAL: Sweet pancake sandwiches $7.50 a combination of low sugar apricot jam, vegan custard (made from fresh almond milk, coconut cream and chia seed) and roasted hazelnut (Hazelnut Estate from our market).  Tempeh Burger $9: choose between crunchy peanut sauce, Teriyaki or mild chilli tomato sauce and add some of my popular kimchi, sauerkraut, or pickled vegetables. They all have an organic, fresh Tempeh patty, green salad, sprouts and mayonnaise.


Waewae Permaculture Market Specials

Riwai waewae.jpg

Specials this Week: Waiporoporo Taewa (rīwai) A heritage Māori potato with beautiful purple skin. Versatile but best boiled as these have just been hand dug. Will store very well for roasting once they dry out a bit. 1kg $6 This week. 

Regenerative & Diverse farming, local & agri-chemical free. Organically grown (non-certified talk to us!).    


Ettrick Gardens Market Specials

ettricks.jpg (18)


BOYSENBERRIES (Last week for Fresh)













Email for our latest order form and we can add you to our weekly update.  

Ettrick Gardens on your right at the main gate, or Rapid 5104,  State Highway 8, Ettrick. Central Otago. 03 446 6863

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This Week at the Market L1


Please stay away if unwell (vendors & customers). 

Please only handle food & produce that you are going to buy (& always wash your produce when you get home).

Please bring your coffee keep cups, etc with you & bottle returns, etc.

We will have loads of fantastic, fresh local produce, products, hot food, coffee, etc ready for you from 7:30am till 12:15pm around their usual spots at the market.

Cash is still accepted from many vendors.  CASH IS KING AT THE MARKET.

QR CODES ARE AT ALL THE GATES please scan yourself in on the official govt Covid QR code.  (You will find them attached to the fence at each of the gates or at the caravan at front entrance)It will be everyone’s responsibility to scan in (incl vendors & staff).  This will be unmanned & is everyone’s responsibility to do so & to sanitize hands at entrances please.

If you can please make sure you have downloaded a Govt Covid diary tracker QR app on your smart phone to be prepared if you haven’t already done so.

Remember your charged mobile phones for contact tracing! 

Please sneeze into your elbow.


Are you our next star Farmers Market CHEF or home COOK?

Jamalia kitchen.jpeg

Do your family & friends love your cooking?

Do you have personality plus?

Otago Farmers Market are looking for an additional fabulous person to join our kitchen team once or twice a month on a Saturday here in Dunedin. This is a paid gig. 

Feel free to email through your bio, a few photos of dishes you have made & contact details so we can let you know more details. For more info email Michele.


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