Tis the season to plant GARLIC!!

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Tis the season to plant GARLIC!!

6th June 2019

Hi there

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It is hard for me to believe but I have now been the manager at the market for 6 whole years! It has been an interesting, stimulating and enjoyable journey where I have been constantly struck by the amazing loyalty, strength and stamina of everyone involved. Our vendors who every week, regardless of the weather, bring us the best the region offers. The volunteers who govern the market and ensure that it stays true to its principles and governing documents. These folk often go unnoticed but without them the market would be rudderless and I doubt that it would endure. And then there is you the public who with your loyalty and commitment to the market, even on the bleakest of days, ensure that the market will sustain itself. To me the market represents many of the values that underpin what makes living in Otago so special –commitment, loyalty, hard work, vision and togetherness.

It is that time of year when some of our vendors choose to take a week or two off and when some vendors hibernate until their spring produce is ready to sell. Our growing season is shorter than some regions but the up side to that is many of the bad bugs and bacteria get zapped by the cold and don’t need nasty pesticides to control them.

June is garlic month! It is the time to plant garlic and the time to up your consumption as, raw garlic in particular, packs a mighty health punch. Wairuna Organics will have garlic for sale that you can plant. They will also give helpful tips to grow the biggest, tastiest bulbs around so that come January you will have a crop to be proud of!

See you Saturday

Warm regards


P.S. If you have borrowed a Bags for Good bag from our bag library please remember to return it. This is such a great community enterprise but really needs the bags to come back to make it work!


This Week in the kitchen

This Saturday we have chef Kate Woodhouse back in the kitchen with her tasty creations. Make sure you say 'hello' and try something new. We have a feeling that her rustic apple tart with gingernut cookie ice cream is going to be a big hit! 

As always, you can find these and many more recipes on our website. We look forward to seeing you at the kitchen this weekend!

Quick Rustic Apple Tart with Gingernut Cookie Ice Cream

Produce from Holy Cow Willowbrook Orchard

View Recipe
Hot and Sour Cabbage and Shitake Mushroom Soup.jpg

Hot and Sour Cabbage and Shitake Mushroom Soup

Produce from Caithness Farm Ltd

View Recipe
Slow Cooked Beef Cheeks.jpg

Slow Cooked Beef Cheeks

Produce from

View Recipe
Honey and Balsamic Glazed Turnips.jpg

Honey and Balsamic Glazed Turnips

Produce from

View Recipe

Kapowai Brewing Co.

Persimmon & Vanilla Bean Kombucha newsletter.JPG

Farmers Market Special - Persimmon & Vanilla Bean Kombucha
If you’ve ever wondered what else goes with Persimmon, the answer is this: vanilla bean! It’s a match made in heaven! The warm, spicy notes of the vanilla compliment the honey-sweet persimmon perfectly. Add a little bit of tang from a strong oolong tea kombucha and there you have our market special for this week! Recipe on our Facebook and Instagram.

Kombucha on Tap (BYO Bottle)
Our tap options this week are:
- Lemon, Ginger & Turmeric
- Rhodiola Rose
Remember to bring your bottles!

-Heidi & Dave x


Ettrick Gardens


New this week:

Frozen tayberries:  Bred in Scotland in 1977.

Highlander potatoes!!!

They look like a small red boysenberry.  They are very sweet and delicious, fabulous with a scoop of ice cream for dessert.

Check out our ‘bring your bag’ to ‘bag your own’ section.

Coloured carrots, parsnips, beetroot ( 3 types),  washed potatoes & artichokes, broccoflower & romanesco cauli, brightlights silverbeet, red jalapenos, broccoli, potatoes, celery, leeks, cauliflower, daikon, garlic, parsnips, yams, carrots, shallots, onions, green cabbage, kale, cavolo nero, red cabbage, red chillies, fennel & spring onions, spinach, elephant garlic, silverbeet, walnuts, butternut, bushfire squash & grey pumpkin.

Crunchy royal gala & sweet lady,  golden delicious, red delicious, crisp ‘n crunchy eve, pacific beauty, fuji & pacific rose, braeburn & huaguan, granny smith, sturmer , pink lady, cox’s orange also ballerat cooking apples .

Taylors gold, beurre bosc, winter nelis, winter cole,  doyenne du comice, ice cream pears & quince.

Frozen raspberries, boysenberries, blackberries, tayberries, blueberries and mixed berries.

Check out our range of reuseable bags!!

Super special’s this week:

Alverda cauli, gourmet baby carrots, freeflow raspberries.

Ettrick Gardens on your right at the main gate, or Rapid 5104, State Highway 8, Ettrick, Central Otago.   Ph: (03) 446 6863

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La Crepe

March 23rd 2019.jpg

La Crepe Special 8 June

Jam of the day: blackcurrant & quince $6

Sweet Crepe: apple & blueberry delicacy
butterscotch sauce
poached apple & blueberries
with confectioner’s custard $10.50
or with whipped cream $10

Savoury Crepe: organic white beans, shitake and button mushrooms with smoked paprika and tomato sauce, chilli (optional) (vegan)
or organic broccoli & carrot with tofu and teriyaki sauce (garlic, ginger, onion, tamari) (vegan)
or lamb casserole with black eye beans and carrots
with cheese or hummus
and with salad & dressing or egg $10.50


Dunford Grove


Dunford Grove:
Busy time here with harvest by day and frost fighting by night! Today's change in weather has brought a welcome day off apart from a little maintenance on the harvester.

Did you know:
While all types of olive oil are sources of monounsaturated fat, extra virgin olive oil from the first cold pressing of the olives, contains higher levels of antioxidants, particularly vitamin E and phenols because it is less processed.



sauerkraut public domain.jpg

Pop Up

Organic sauerkraut & a new mix of organic fermented vegetables (brocoflower,  green cabbage, beetroot, onion, garlic & fennel seeds)  made by Marie (from La Crepe stall) with Brydone's certified organic vegetables.

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