We are here for you all year around

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We are here for you all year around

6th September 2018

Hi there

Crowd 25.2.17.jpg

One of the greatest parts of the Otago Farmers Market is it Permanence.

Sun, rain, or wind the market is there every weekend waiting for the loyal legion of customers to arrive. its a unique thing we have here in Dunedin especially when you consider that there is a good portion of the year plants are not entirely keen on the idea of growing.

So, as you may be feeling the temperature rise and the sun shine for longer, don't forget that all the plants are feeling pretty similar and we will have to wait a bit longer before the produce starts to shake up at the market.  

Thank you,

See all your lovely faces at the market!



This Week in the kitchen

For all of you have been tiring of the same old fare on your antipasto platter then this delightful idea for aCarrot & baby spinach terrine that Kate has come up with this week will surely delight! One of the best bonuses of our wonderful farmers market having a market kitchen is we all get the benefit of a great selection of different ideas. Ideas that we may never have come up with on our own to use all the delightful fresh produce at the market all the way through the year.

Click here for a Printable copy

Carrot & baby spinach terrine

Produce from

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Roasted chicken thigh with artichoke puree and gooseberry sauce.jpg

Roasted chicken thigh with artichoke puree and gooseberry sauce

Produce from Dunedin Poultry Ltd. Butler's Fruit Farm

View Recipe
Parsley Root Soup.jpg

Parsley Root Soup

Produce from

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Rose wine jelly, pistachio meringue and whipped white chocolate ganache.jpg

Rose wine jelly, pistachio meringue and whipped white chocolate ganache

Produce from Judge Rock Central Otago Wines

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Ettrick Gardens


8 Varieties Of Apples & Pear Varieties

Royal Gala, Pacific Rose,

Cox’s Orange,

Pink Lady, Braeburn

Granny Smith & Sturmer Apples.

Winter Nelis Pears

Please Note, We Do Not Export, So We Use Less Sprays.

We Have Reusable Net Produce Bags Available To Buy So You Do Not Have To Use Plastic Bags. 3 Sizes Available, Only $2 Each

Agria, Red Fantasy,  Red Ruby, Heather, Highlander, Jelly & Anushka Potatoes:

Red Fantasy Is A Great General Purpose Potatoes. Little Bit Floury But  Won’t Break Up When You Boil Them, But Mash Beautifully Also Great For Roasting Or Chipping. Great Flavour.

Yams & Brussel Sprouts, Kale, Cavolo Nero Cauliflower, Silverbeet, Savoy Cabbage Red Cabbbage, Leeks, Beetroot, Coloured Carrots, Brightlights Silverbeet, Carrots,  Gourmet Washed Potatoes Jerusalem Artichokes & Celeriac  

Super Special’s This Week

Potatoes 5kg @ $6 (7 Varieties) Winter Nelis Pears Only “$1.50 Kg” “Tiny Taties” 1.5kg Only $4 Leeks Only $3 A Bunch

Please Bring Your Reusable Shopping Bags Or Boxes With You. Thank You We Are Now Single Use Shopping Bag Free. Check Out Our Range Of Reusable Bags

Ettrick Gardens On Your Right At The Main Gate, Or Rapid 5104,  State Highway 8, Ettrick. Central Otago.  03 446 6863

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Holy Cow

Yoghurt small.JPG

Back due to popular demand is our 500ml size yoghurt. Another small packaging change is that we have new labels for yoghurt. The labels are similar to the milk tags. We find these much less fiddly than the stickers.  

We also have flavoured yoghurt. This week the flavours are Karaka blackberries and ever popular Maple syrup. Last week the apricot yoghurt drink was a hit, so there will be more of those, too. We're testing different fruit and sizes so let us know what you think! 

Milk production at the farm is gradually climbing. We've had 6 calves so far, with a similar number expected during September. Production volume is at about 40% now. If this wonderful spring rain remains it will grow even more. So we will have a good stock of all the basics; especially cream. We sold out last week so we will spin some more through the separator for  Saturday!

This week we have:

  • Skim Milk
  • Full Fat Milk
  • Cream
  • Yoghurt
  • Flavoured yoghurt
  • Lassi

Dunford Grove


When we get our oil back from the press there's a bit of water and vegetable matter included.  We work very diligently to rack-off these contaminants as they have a very negative impact on our oil quality.  So, how gratifying it is when we're bottling  to find zero sediment in the fusti when we're done!

Did you know?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil may be better than Viagara at helping men perform in the bedroom, scientists suggest. A study of more than 600 men found that those who consumed plenty of it had far fewer problems with their sexual performance. Researchers said a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil keeps blood vessels healthy - maintaining circulation in every part of the body. Those who consumed at least nine tablespoons of it weekly were far less likely to suffer from impotence than those who ate less of it, and had significantly higher levels of testosterone.


Steamer Basin Brewing



Thanks to Stan of Earnscleugh Orchard, we’ve an experimental beer for you this week. Mulberry Pinot is a pilsner fermented with pinot noir yeast and aged on mulberries and pinot noir grapes. It’s clean and fruity, with grape aroma and length. 



La Crepe Specials

La Crepe.jpg

Jam Of The Day : Red Plum $5.50

Sweet Crepe:

Apple & Blueberry Delicacy
Butterscotch Sauce Poached Apple & Blueberries With Confectioner’s Custard $10 Or With Whipped Cream $9.50

Savoury Crepe:

Roasted Yam & Pumpkin With Vegan Pesto (Vegan) Or Organic Cauliflower With Lemon Zest, Tumeric & Almond White Cream (Vegan) Or Grand'ma Free Range Chicken With Vegetable

With Cheese Or Hummus And With Salad & Dressing Or Egg  $10


Selwyn Shanks


Selwyn Shanks is back at the market this week sharpening all your pruning tools and firewood cutting tools, as well as scissors, knives and other everyday tools.

He will not be there in November so don't put it off!

Just visit his stall at the north end of the platform. Please be mindful how you transport your sharp objects.


Market Kitchen and Site Office for Sale


The OFMT are seeking expressions of interest for the market kitchen and the site office. As is where is these trailers have been great assets to the farmers market but we are now almost ready to bring our new trailer to the market.


The market kitchen is a fully warranted and registered mobile kitchen . It has a gas fridge, oven, hobs and hot water system.


The site office is being sold as is where is.


Both trailers will be sold unbranded. Please register your interest by 5th September. Both vehicles will be at the market, in use, over the next few weeks so go and check them out.

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