It's time to fill the house with Paeonies!

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It's time to fill the house with Paeonies!

8th of November, 2018

Hi there


This time of year is so exciting – it is paeony season and the market will be awash with these gorgeous, luscious blooms. These spectacular flowers last longest if they are kept out of direct sun and are placed somewhere it isn’t too hot.

We will also have plenty of delicious, local asparagus this week. If you are looking for inspiration then check Kate out in the market kitchen. She is doing a spectacular dish starring this short lived delight and will also have lots of other tasty ways of utilising asparagus to share with you.

Jersey Benes were the hero in any dish I cooked this week. Melt in the mouth, waxy and very tasty. Brydone Growers are peddling these addictive little morsels so be sure to get your fix this weekend.

The road works are almost finished outside the market and we here think that all in all it is an improvement. The raised pedestrian crossings really slow down the traffic and create a pedestrian friendly vibe. We are unsure what is happening to Cadburys carpark now that the crown has taken over. However parking in and around the market has improved with the area to the south of the railway station getting sealed and marked and the St Andrew street park over the railway lines also providing a ton of space.

We seriously need more volunteers to work on our waste stations as educators. If you know of someone who is doing their Duke of Edinburgh or needs a volunteering role then this could be for them. It is fun because you become part of the team, interactive and good for the soul. Contact staff in the site office if you would like to know more. Age is no barrier. Young or old roll on up!!

See you Saturday




This Week in the kitchen

Kate Woodhouse is cooking up some more culinary delights for us this week! Drop by the site office to have a taste of what she's creating this Saturday morning, then pick up her recipe page and find the ingredients you need at the market! Our mouths are watering already looking at those buckwheat crepes!

Mint and lime syrup-soaked brioche with whipped coconut cream and fresh strawberries

Produce from

View Recipe
Pan fried asparagus with warm kombucha dressing and toasted almonds.jpg

Pan fried asparagus with a warm Kombucha dressing and toasted almonds

Produce from

View Recipe
Buckwheat crepes stuffed with ham and whitestone vintage five forks cheese and quick spicy tomato sauce.jpg

Buckwheat Crepes stuffed with ham and Whitestone Vintage Five Forks cheese and Served with a quick spicy tomato sauce

Produce from Whitestone Cheese

View Recipe
Smash Roasted Potato SAlad wth rocket capers lemon dressing.jpg

Smash Roasted Potato Salad with Rocket, Eggs, Crispy Capers and a Lemon Dressing

Produce from Ettrick Gardens

View Recipe

Otago Organics at the Market this Week


As well as my produce from Kanuka Organics, another grower, Tony, has joined our cooperative stall. Tony grows her produce in Palmerston. We are featuring her Rhubarb this week and she has also been contributing delicious additions to our Taste Sensation Salad Mix with Edible Flowers. This will be the last week for our Baby Leek Bunches which were popular last week.

We try to have a good range of Fresh Herb Bunches each week. New to our range is Chervil , come and have a taste if you would like. I find it to be a delicious addition to a salad and it is a traditional addition to the classic French Quiche.

Wikipedia Says; “Chervil is used, particularly in France, to season poultry, seafood, young spring vegetables (such as carrots), soups, and sauces. More delicate than parsley, it has a faint taste of liquorice or aniseed.
Chervil is one of the four traditional French fines herbes, along with tarragon, chives, and parsley, which are essential to French cooking. Unlike the more pungent, robust herbs such as thyme and rosemary, which can take prolonged cooking, the fines herbes are added at the last minute, to salads, omelettes, and soups”.



Dunford Grove


Well, a little appreciation is always a fine thing and sometimes quite special. So when management and the chefs at Dunedin's Distinction Hotel get in touch and say "we tried your oil at the Farmers Market and want to feature the Extra Virgin Olive Oil in our new menu" it's hugely gratifying!
Talking to Mirco at the hotel yesterday he made some very interesting observations. Master Chef and similar programs have demystified chefs' clever culinary tricks and shown us the secrets of their presentation. The restaurant game is changing; back to honest great tasting food with real integrity in its' ingredients, locally sourced and with a story to tell.

Did you know?
On average, the world consumes approximately 2.25 million tons of olive oil each year. The Greeks are the record holders with at least 20 kg consumed per person per year. Come on New Zealand!


Kapowai Brewing Co.

Kapowai and Polytech.jpg

Kombucha On Tap

This week's flavours on the taps are:
- Blueberry & Cinnamon
- Cherimoya & Cardamom
You can bring any bottle to fill - it doesn't have to be one of ours.

Farmers Market Special - Manuka & Kiwifruit
Our special this week has been inspired by our pop-up stall neighbours who are students from Otago Polytechnic. They are selling foodie products they have designed as part of their course. Our kombucha is pictured here with a bunch of yummy treats from their stall. One of them, Lakeside Kitchen, has created a Manuka and Kiwifruit tea so, of course, we had to try this flavour combo in a kombucha! Come and check it out!

Heidi & Dave


La Crepe


Jam Of The Day: Pear & Gooseberry $6

Sweet Crepe: Apple & Blueberry Delicacy
Butterscotch Sauce
Poached Apple & Blueberries
With Confectioner’s Custard $10.50
Or With Whipped Cream $10

Savoury Crepe: Avocado Guacamole (Vegan)
Or Seasonal Vegetables (Celeriac, Jerusalem Artichoke, Cauliflower, Broccoli) With Teriaki Sauce (Tamari, Onion, Ginger & Garlic) (Vegan)
Or Wild Venison With Red Wine
With Cheese Or Hummus
And With Salad & Dressing Or Egg $10.50


Ettrick Gardens


Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Spinach,Cauliflower, Silverbeet, Carrots, Lettuce, Coloured Carrots, Gourmet Washed Potatoes, And Walnuts.

Apples: Royal Gala, Pacific Rose, Pink Lady, Braeburn, Granny Smith & Sturmer Apples.

Please Note, We Do Not Export, So We Use Less Sprays. We Have Reusable Net Produce Bags Available To Buy So You Do Not Have To Use Plastic Bags.
3 Sizes Available, Only $2 Each “Or” 2 For $3 This Month

Potatoes: Agria, Heather, Highlander & Anushka.
Agria: A Yellow Floury Potato, The Best For Roasting And Chipping. Will Break Up When Boiled, So Is Easy To Mash.

Super Special’s This Week
Potatoes 5kg @ $6 (5 Varieties)
Large Lettuce $3 Each
Coloured Carrots 1kg @ $3
Gourmet Washed Taties 1.5 Kg Only $4

Please Bring Your Reusable Shopping Bags Or Boxes With You. Thank You
We Are Now Single Use Shopping Bag Free.
Check Out Our Wide Range Of Reusable Bags


Dunedin Dahlia Circle Will Have Their Tuber Sale At The Market This Week!


We will have a stall selling tubers which are in a ready-to-plant condition. Pricing will be modest and there will be a good variety available.  Now is a good time to plant tubers which should produce nice flowers early in the New Year and which will last until Autumn.

We will be happy to see you as this is part of our major annual fundraiser.

John Casey


Red Rose Fundraiser for the Red Cross

download.png (1)

The Red Cross will be at our market gate this Saturday selling red roses to help raise support for their charitable work.  The red rose has been a symbol of the New Zealand Red Cross for many years, and they even have a specially-bred rose for their organisation - the Spirit of Hope Rose.

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