Whoops our Chestnut article contained incorrect information

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Whoops our Chestnut article contained incorrect information

5th April 2017

Hi there

chestnut guide.JPG

Thanks to one our wonderful readers we have corrected the article that appeared in this week's newsletter. The correct rendition is printed below.

CHESTNUTS  - freshly harvested (If you have not cooked with fresh chestnuts before you have missed a real treat.  The brown layer needs to be cut either a cross on the flatter surface or use a knife to cut around one  segment – they can then be roasted cut side uppermost or can be placed in boiling water for 10 mins and then peeled while still hot.  I then cook them with the roast vegetables or the roast chicken for the last 15 minutes – or boil them for 30 mins and use them in sweet or savoury dishes.)

If you are foraging for chestnuts take care that they have the prickly like-a-porcupine exterior hull (LEFT side) not the shiny  hull with occasional spike of the horse chestnut – the horse chestnut on the right is POISONOUS but has a nut that is deceptively similar in appearance to a sweet chestnut.



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