End of Year Vendors Newsletter 2020

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End of Year Vendors Newsletter 2020

18th December 2020

Hi there

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A Letter from the Office

Gee whizz who isn’t looking forward to a break and the end of 2020.  It has been a roller coaster of a year with everyone I know wondering where the year went. How did we get to December so quickly??

The market is picking up steam and I expect the next few weeks will be super busy.  Be sure to come by the market hub anytime from 8.30am on Wednesday 23rd December for some morning tea. Michele and I will be playing mother and serving up delights whipped up by Elizabeth, the market chef.

This is the last vendor newsletter I will write for the market.  My 7.5 years are coming to an end with Saturday 30th January being my last day.  I have mixed feelings about this but I can’t deny I’m looking forward to getting weekends back. The Trust has appointed Michele to the role of Market Manager and I couldn’t be happier with this decision. Michele brings a lot to the role and I feel confident that the market will continue to go from strength to strength under her leadership. Anyone who would like to have a farewell drink with me after the market on Saturday 30th January at Ironic would be very welcome!

Take care one and all over the holiday season. Rest, enjoy, be with loved ones and be sure to have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Thanks so much for all you do week in, week out and for being a part of the best weekly food festival in Dunedin (and the whole country). The market relies on each and every one of you to make the market as great as it is. Take a bow, you deserve it!!

Best Kate and Staff.


Holiday Markets


We have an extra market on Wednesday 23rd December. Vendors MUST be in place by 6.30am with no vehicle movement after this time, with the public allowed in at 6:30am.  The market will finish at 11am.

NO market Saturday 26th December.

WEDNESDAY 30th December, regular market except we finish at 11am.

NO market Saturday 2nd January.

Markets resume as per usual Saturday 9th January.

For new vendors, the markets post-Christmas tend to have fewer vendors present as many of you take holidays at that time which means that the vendors left are really busy!!  Stone fruit is really coming on stream by then and there are customers a plenty.


House Keeping

Nag, nag nag that is what we get reduced to at times. Some key points and please remind your staff:-

  • DO NOT park in close proximity to the market. These parks are for customers not vendors or staff!!!
  • NO vehicle movement in the market from 7.15an till 12.30pm. The Christmas market on 23rd December every vendor needs to be in place by 6.30am. If you feel that you are going to sell out early and need to leave before 11am then park outside the market (only not close by!).
  • On a lighter night and less of the nagging … the direct debit for the market of 19th December will come out over night on Tuesday 22nd; the direct debit for the market of 23rd December will come out overnight on 23rd  Likewise the market of 30th December the direct debit will come out overnight on the same day.
  • Kiwi Harvest will call by on 23rd Dec to see if there are  any leftovers and then will return as per normal on 9th January 2021.

Comings and Goings 2020

Joe Ruka.jpeg

Sadly 2020 has seen a few vendors leave the market. We have farewelled Wairuna Organics, Crooked Spaghetti, Mamma Mia, Straight up Vegan, Goat Island Dairy, Urbn Vino, Salad Days, Jacobs Dream, Perk up Espresso, 3 Apes Rd and Fred Fred Organics.

Saddest of all was the passing of Joe from Wild Larder. The big guy has been an institution at the market for decades and we miss him dearly.

Strangely enough a couple of the vendors who have left were only accepted in 2020. 3 Apes Rd and Fred Fred Organics had a short tenure at the market but potentially we may see them back in the future.


New Vendors 2020


Love and Cake – sweet treats

Dolce Vita - sweet treats

Citizens Catering - street food for the people

coKo Lounge – ceremonial grade cacao drinks

Hazelnut Estate - fresh hazelnuts and related products

N.8 Distillery – locally distilled spirits and conserves

Urbn Vino – Brendon is returning with stunning local wines he has made.

Tunanopal – authentic Mexican street food – to start early January 2021

Whitestone Cheese and Maries have been approved to sell ready to eat products

3 Apes Rd – primary produce

Fred Fred Organics - baby food


Application to Trade Procedure

Covid slowed down the number of ATT that the Trust considered in 2020. The following were declined. In the interests of confidentiality (for the applicants) we break these applicants down into Primary Produce (meat, fish, veg, eggs, flowers, plants etc), Added Value (cheese, bread and baked goods, relishes, chutneys etc), Ready to Eat (brunch items and coffee). The OFMT endeavours to maintain 70% of stalls as primary produce, 15% added value and 15% ready to eat.

Declined Applications to Trade for 2020

Ready to Eats x 10

Added Value x 5 incl baked items, beverages, preserves and fermented goods

Primary Produce x 1


Christmas Message from the Chairperson

OFM Board of Trustees Otago Hall of Fame .jpeg

This year the market has been operating for over 17 years and what a year it has been.  It was heartening to see the resilience, innovation, encouragement and support of each other especially during the lockdown.  On behalf of the Trustee Team, I would like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of our vendors, your families and staff for all you contribute to the overall success of the market.

A huge thank you to all our staff for their high standard of work in their roles yet again. Your ability to be adaptable and how you responded to the turbulent times and the seemingly ever-changing requirements that needed to be meet, alongside your usual workload, was amazing and appreciated.

We are also fortunate to have dedicated volunteers who help on the waste stations and some in the market hub. Their efforts and the giving of their time is valued and most appreciated.

We were honoured to be a finalist in the Service to Community category, in the inaugural Otago Hall of Fame Awards.  I was delighted to attend this prestigious event and it was a privilege to accept the winner’s trophy and certificate on behalf of all of the people that have contributed over the past 17 years to make the market what it is today 

This award recognised the thousands of hours of voluntary time by the people that had the foresight and drive to set the market up initially and those that have undertaken the ongoing governance work of the trust ensuring it is viable and its core values are upheld.

Finally, I would like to thank all my fellow Trustees and Advisors for their continued commitment in what has been a challenging year from a governance perspective. We had more meetings this year than ever before! Many hours and conversations were had as to the logistics of operating the market at each COVID level.  I admired and was grateful for your dedication to your roles amongst the needs of your own personal circumstances.

However you do (or don’t) celebrate at this time of the year, wishing you all much happiness and abundance over the summer months ahead.

Sharyn Crawford


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