Market Suspended Until Further Notice

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Market Suspended Until Further Notice

26th March 2020

Hi there

It is with a great deal of consideration, consultation and research that the Trust has made the decision to suspend trading at the farmers market for the time being. The Trust feels that we need to protect our community, ourselves, our families and our reputation and trusted brand so that we can resume having a fantastic, local food market sometime in the near future and going forward.

Remember to keep up to date with us on our Facebook page & Insagram Page,

Michele and I will be putting out a newsletter every Thursday as per usual. If any of you have some handy hints for busting boredom, or gardening tips or a funny joke, really anything at all send it into us and it may make the cut for the newsletter.

We will be trolling through the recipe archive and finding tasty treats for you to whip up at home.

From all of us here at the market we wish you and your families and friends all the best through this unprecedented time. Be kind to each other, stay positive and stay home!

See you all on the other side!!




Wild Dispensary Online & Ways to Get Through This

thumbnail_Canva - love and kindness concept.jpg

We remain open for online orders with traditional plant medicine to support your wellness. We can dispatch from home and in isolation with safety equipment (gloves and sterilser in a separate area from our main house). 

When pandemics happen.

This week has been a big one for everyone; for our physical health, mental health and also the health of the world and it’s economy. We feel it too - we are just the same as you all - every-time we hear the news or read the headlines we are also finding it all quite intense and hard to fathom.

We just wanted to say that we are thinking of you all navigating the same concerns, challenges as us.
We also just wanted to say if possible remember to look after yourselves;

💚Take the time to enjoy the sun (if it is out).
💚Go for a walk in the fresh air, play with your kids if you can. 

💚Drink enough water,
💚Get some good sleep (have a nice hot bath with epsom salts If you can - a great way to absorb some magnesium).
💚Eat more vegetables and fruit and try and stay away from the sugary stuff (your immune system is not its biggest fan).
💚If you are feeling overwhelmed/stressed trying lying on your back and putting your legs up the wall - weird we know but helps your nervous system. Or good old deep breathing - breathe in for 3 seconds, hold for 3 seconds, and breathe out for 3.

If you have any questions let us know we are here to help. Much love the Wild Dispensary team x 


Agreeable Nature Free Range Eggs Deliveries

Our hens will continue to lay throughout this ordeal.  We are willing to deliver to houses around the Mosgiel / Dunedin area, but ask that people try to collate orders with friends and neighbours to make this worth our while.  We will be contactable on email please for orders with addresses and contact numbers.  We will go from there organising a route and payment in advance on line.
Take care.
Michelle Pringle
Agreeable Nature Free Range Eggs

NZ Nuts Online

hazelnuts and walnuts.jpg
Letter to OFM from Valda at NZ Nuts.
Thoughts are with the Otago Farmers Market in these challenging days – but we can and will do it together!
As you know I had been hoping to return to the market with Nuts once they were harvested – and hopefully by spring that will still be possible.  However I have some very loyal Otago Farmers Market customers and would really appreciate if you are sending out a general email to advise.
NZ Nuts – mail order walnuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts and almonds will be available.  Email Valda
Looking forward to joining you when things settle down again – meanwhile keep safe.
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