This Week at the Market

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This Week at the Market

4th July 2019

Hi there

Plastic free July has begun and I wonder how many of you have made a commitment to create zero waste this month or at least are working on being mindful about waste and eliminating it where possible. I thought that I did a pretty good job of creating minimal waste until I actually looked at what was in my cupboards and fridge and realised that I have a huge way to go. Every little bit helps though and if we can all consciously make one change this month, ie cutting out single use cups entirely then the difference would be meaningful.

It has been 4 years since the market introduced our Waste Minimisation policy. In that time we have seen significant improvements and behaviour changes but we still have a ways to go. You, as customers, can influence change enormously.  Become a “ground up influencer” and talk to vendors about reducing waste. BYO everything to the market and be part of the revolution against single usage.

Last week we had the pleasure of hearing Dr Gilles Marciniak talk to his paper, The Many Paths to the Market. Some of you may have participated in his research. In many ways his research affirmed what we already knew, which is that collective, social dynamics that create a sense of ongoing cultural belonging with shared values and beliefs enable sustainability outcomes. You support the farmers market because the vendors get themselves there every week with food that you want to eat because you know where it has come from. The market is sustained by this “loyalty” paradigm and a commonality of shared beliefs. If there is one “community” that can limit waste, it is the farmers market one!

See you Saturday

Warmly Kate




Plastic Free July & Beyond....

Cream Jar.jpg

#plasticfreejuly & beyond….. Well, it’s finally official with the single use plastic shopping bag ban now in place nationwide.  Here at the Otago Farmers Market we herald the news as it’s something we have been championing for several years now & we applaud you all for helping make this happen. 

You can find at the market our UYOC Cup Library, which if you haven’t brought your own clean keep cups or jars for coffees, juices, etc, is available for you to borrow a cup or mug from.  Or you can buy your own Otago Farmers Market Keep Cup from us.  We have our Bags for Good scheme at the market caravan for you to borrow a bag if you haven’t brought your own then return it clean to the market the next time you visit or alternatively we have good, strong hessian Otago Farmers Market bags for you to purchase at the caravan.  Bring your Wax Food Wraps to wrap purchased goodies in or we also have handcrafted ones available at the market caravan.  Likewise with Produce Bags which are made from recycled light weight fabrics for $2.  Lots of options people!

Helping make a difference to the world by recycling. 

Did you know Bay Road & their yummy peanut butter will swap their clean, empty jars back when you re-purchase?  Delicious Agreeable Eggs accept their empty, clean cartoons back.  The healthy, tasty Wild Dispensary range has a bottle return scheme where $1 per bottle is donated to Dunedin Wildlife Hospital.  

Holy Cow of course has a jar return for their terrific dairy produce.  Likewise  Kapowai Brewery has a refilling station for their amazing kombucha specials of the day

The freshest fish at Harbour Fish are in seal-proof, home compostable bags, did you know that? Anne Robertson Eggs will take returned cartons back.  Ettrick Gardens have various options of produce bags for their huge array of awesome vegies.  Henry at Whitestone Cheese will kindly use your own containers; Le Crepe will also do the same.  Port Larder with all their delicious chutney’s & jellies will accept your jars.  All our bakers use paper bags.  Ronia & Pippi accept bottles back from their great nut mylks & cold pressed juices.  Ben at Brightside Microgreens will take your container to stuff full of green goodness & there are so many other helpful vendors at the market that are happy to accept BYO containers, don’t be afraid to ask!

Hopefully the BYO habits will become the norm to us all very soon, if not already for many of us.  This is only the beginning.  Wherever you are always look for or ask for produce and food that isn’t pre-packaged , much like most of the deliciously, fresh food at the farmers market.  This is really the next big step.  We know we still have room for improvement here though and our friendly vendors are strongly encouraged to use sustainable packaging whenever possible.  So go forth, shopping sustainably & healthily!


Waste Volunteers - Are YOU our next Waste Warrior?


We are always on the look out for great people who are keen to be part of our waste educator team on a Saturday - it's only for a couple of hours once or twice a month or whatever you can do.  If you are passionate about our environment & enjoy the market buzz & people, then we would love to hear from you or pop by and have chat with us at the market caravan.  What better month than #plasticfreejuly to get involved!  These Otago Farmers Market team members keep the wheels going at the market with all things eco friendly, we love them!


Juiced Up Next Week

The team at Juiced Up will be back at the market next weekend.  Apologies to their loyal customers this Saturday.  


Are you our next Star Farmers Market CHEF or home COOK?


Are you our next star Farmers Market CHEF or home COOK?  

Do your family & friends love your cooking?

Do you have personality plus?

Otago Farmers Market are looking for an additional fabulous person to join our kitchen team once or twice a month on a Saturday here in Dunedin. This is a paid gig. 

Feel free to email through your bio, a few photo's of dishes you have made & contact details so we can let you know more details. Click here.


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