Excitement rises as the waste expo draws ever closer

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Excitement rises as the waste expo draws ever closer

7th September 2017

Hi there


Hi there,

Did you know that your YouthGrow Garden Centre purchase at the market helps young Dunedin people develop employment skills? Everything you see on their stand has been sown, propagated, potted up and lovingly tended by youth undertaking workplace experience in their garden centre nursery in north Dunedin.

YouthGrow are also partners with us in our Waste Minimisation strategy. Every week they take the compostable materials we have collected at the market and turn it into worm filled compost to use in the nursery. Without them providing this service we would be unable to divert this waste from landfill.

For our Waste Less Living day on 16th September we will be taking some of YouthGrow’s compost made from our compostables, mixing it with spent coffee grinds and planting up vegetable seedlings in used coffee cups. Talk about full circle! These you can just pop in the garden , pot and all, and viola, grow something edible. Bring your kids or grandkids down to share in the wonder of spring growth.

So thanks very much YouthGrow and all the young people that work at the nursery for helping us minimise our waste. You will find them up on the platform, next to Perk Up Espresso, with a great range of edible and ornamental seedlings for sale.

See you Saturday



This Week in the kitchen

Adams back with a feast this week.
It's a week for a few different combos of ingredients as we all eagerly wait for spring to roll on through and gift us with a new season of exciting ingredients. But seasonal lulls bring forth creativity and exiting new tastes!

Crispy Kale Chips

Produce from Dunford Grove

View Recipe

Apple Pie

Produce from Ettrick Gardens Agreeable Nature Free Range Eggs

View Recipe

Spiced Pickled Pears

Produce from Rosedale Orchard

View Recipe

Waste Less Living


It is happening this Saturday!

we are so excited to get together and show off some great creative ways of reducing waste surrounding food and the market. It's really a necessity to visit the market this week and get inspired.

So, whats going on?

Bees Wax Wraps:
The kitchen has been taken over this week by the creation of bees wax wraps.
This week there will be no recipes and no chef, Adam will be back next week with a tasty selection.
This week in light of the Waste Less Living day we will be making bees wax wraps.
check out the recipe and pop on down to the kitchen on Saturday to see a demonstration

T-Shirt Bags:
Got an old t-shirt that needs a new life or one your'e never going to wear? Why not turn it into a shopping/produce bag!
There will be a stall at the market for you to come and learn how to make them with a bunch of t-shirts kindly donated by the Hospice Shop and Shop on Carroll.

Coffee Cup Library:
We will be establishing a coffee cup library for those who come to the market with out their own, rather than using a disposable cup why not use a cup from the library.

Disposable Cup Seedlings:
We have been collecting all the disposable cups used at the market and the wonderful folks at Youth Grow have grown some seedlings to be planted in them with coffee grounds and YouthGrow compost. yYu can add it to your little garden on the windowsill or pop it straight into the veggie patch.

Community Groups:
Bags for Good
Love Food Hate Waste


La Crepe

La Crepe (2).jpg

Chocolate sauce
 Poached pear
 with confectioner’s custard $10
 Or with whipped cream $9.50
With Cheese OR Hummus

And with Salad & Dressing OR Egg  $10


Ettrick Gardens


“Super Savings”
“Agria 5 Kg Bags Only $6”
Royal Gala, Braeburn, Pacific Rose,
Granny Smith, Cox’s Orange,
Aztec & Pink Lady Apples
Winter Nelis Pears
All In Season Now!!
Cauliflower, Parsnips, Leeks, Kale,
Coloured Carrots, Brussel Sprouts
Yams, Brightlights Silverbeet,  
Artichokes, Garlic, Carrots, Shallots
Celeriac, Onions, Beetroot, Spring Onions,
Gourmet Washed Potatoes, Baby Beetroot
Frozen Raspberries & Mixed Berries
Walnuts Whole Or Shelled
8 Varieties Potatoes
Agria, Heather, Highlander, Red Ruby
Jelly, Desiree, Nadine & Red Fantasy
Highlander: A Smooth White Skin, White Flesh, Round Potato.
Great For Boiling, Baking, Salads, Mashing, Great Flavour.
A Very Popular Waxy Variety. 2kg $4, 5kg @$8
Super Special On
Leeks $3 A Bunch
Parsnips 500gm Only $2
Brussel Sprouts 500gm $2.50
Ettrick Gardens
On Your Right At The Main Gate, Or
Rapid 5104,  State Highway 8, Ettrick.
Central Otago.  03 446 6863


Dunford Grove


Well this is not a picture of happiness!  The rabbit control man at ORC calls us "an island in a sea of long ears"!  Well some of our neighbors are finally doing something about their oversupply of long ears, but the marauding hound has to be deterred from enjoying the spoils!
Did you know?
Olives New Zealand Certification results show 2017 is another high quality year:  Olives NZ EO Gayle Sheridan reports that, despite the harvest season being disappointing for some growers, more than 100 samples have to date been sent to the Australian laboratory for certification – with a 100% EVOO classification for those tested thus far. Feedback from the Sensory Assessment Panel is of “superb” oils, ranging from mild through medium and intense.  To be sure your oil is certified as Extra Virgin, look for the red ONZ mark.


Kiwi As


As we embrace the start of Spring, Kiwi As is sad to say they will be
finishing at the market next weekend the 16th September. After 11 years of
markets around the country and a lot of juggling with a young daughter over
the last 5 years, its time to bring some balance back into life.  I have
loved being a part of the market as a vendor and have been overwhelmed by
the wonderful support from my lovely customers.  I will certainly continue
to be a customer as I have been for the last 12 years so no doubt I will
bump into you from time to time.
Look out for some specials over the next couple of weeks as I clear the
balance of my ingredients and stock.
Many thanks Kereen, Mark & Lucabella

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