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We are developing this page and will add links to other organisations who share a similar vision and philosophy, as we become aware of them. Please free feel to contact us if you would like your organisation to be included here:-

Foodshare Dunedin

Foodshare Dunedin FoodShare is a Dunedin organisation which was set up in 2012 in an effort to reduce food poverty and  minimise waste within our community. Volunteers collect surplus food from a growing list of providers and regularly distribute more than 50,000 meals each month.

Every Saturday they collect from some of our vendors.


Visit Website: www.foodshare.org.nz/

Our Food Network (Facebook Page)

Our Food Network  (Facebook Page) Our Food Network is based in Dunedin.

Its aim is to stimulate the production, distribution and consumption of local food and in that way contribute to the building of a resilient and prosperous community.


Visit Website: https://www.facebook.com/OurFoodNetwork/

Farmers Markets New Zealand

Farmers Markets New Zealand The Farmers’ Market movement is about building and strengthening local communities, supporting  local food related businesses and giving consumers access to regional food.

FMNZ is a membership organisation of around 25 independently owned and operated Farmers' Markets; over 1000 small food businesses, with an estimated 50,000 customers supporting them every week of the year


Visit Website: www.farmersmarkets.org.nz/home

Other Farmers Markets in New Zealand - North Island

Thanks to Farmers Markets NZ for the links to North Island markets


Visit Website: www.farmersmarkets.org.nz/markets-locations/north-island-markets

Other Farmers Markets in New Zealand - South Island

Thanks to Farmers Markets NZ for the links to other farmers Markets in the South Island


Visit Website: http://www.farmersmarkets.org.nz/markets-locations/south-island

The Complete Guide to Growing Your Own Organic Food

The Complete Guide to Growing Your Own Organic Food

Visit Website: https://www.eckman.co.uk/resources/organic-gardening/

Sustainable Dunedin

Sustainable Dunedin Sustainable Dunedin City Society is made up of persons who are interested in the issues of climate change, declining energy security and sustainability, as they affect Dunedin City. The Society is not affiliated with any political party and aims to facilitate a positive, secure and sustainable future for Dunedin City.

For more information or to join go to


Visit Website: www.sustainabledunedincity.org.nz/

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