Makes 5-6 jars (300ml)

1kg plums, stones removed, cut into bite sized pieces
800g sugar
1 lemon
6 x 300ml jars with lids or seals


Wash and sterilise the jars and lids.  I do this by placing the clean jars upside down in the oven 50C for 30 mins or longer.  I also place the washed lids in the oven.  Try to keep any fingers or utensils from touching the inside of the jars.

  1. Place the prepared fruit into a large heavy-based pot. Add the sugar and ¼ cup water.  Bring slowly to the boil as you want the sugar to dissolve. 
  2. Once this has occurred allow the jam to boil vigorously.  Remove any foamy impurities that may have risen to the surface and discard.
  3. After about 15 minutes test a little jam by spooning a little onto a cold saucer type plate and allow to cool.  Run your finger through the centre and if the jams stays apart then it will set.  If still runny then continue cooking until the jam test is at the point of setting.
  4. Allow to settle for 5 minutes and stir to incorporate the plums.
  5. Ladle carefully into sterilised hot jars, seal with lids tightly.
  6. Cool down completely, label and store out of direct sunlight.


I use black Doris plums for this as I adore their deep purple colour and decadent flavour.  Make sure you get a variety of plums that stone easily.
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