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IMG-1935.jpg Your Friendly Local Butcher. Ethical, Local & Sustainable.

At Princes Street Butcher and Kitchen our goal is to source only the finest products with a focus on supporting local suppliers and sustainable practices.

Coming to you from our inner city Princes St Butcher/Deli est. Oct 2019, we'll be bringing to the market, not only standard cuts of meat, but our hand crafted items and value added meat cuts that delight our customers. We change our core range seasonally, as customers change their cooking & eating habits throughout the year.

Come and try our popular handmade sausages (GF with no filler), hand crafted chicken cuts and dry aged meats.

“Put the customer first, always” says Dave Gibson owner of Princes St Butcher & Kitchen.  He started his Dunedin butchery in Princes St back in October 2019 & it’s a motto he stands by.  This is probably why he now has a range of over 30 sorts of sausages (with a core range of around 12 varieties on the go on any given week at his store & also gluten free).  It’s also why he tries to source the best products possible for his customers instore & at his stall at the Market including cuts of premium locally sourced meat & also the more affordable secondary cuts. Dave likes to support local producers at his shop by creating an instore deli, stocking some of our Otago Farmers Market vendors’ products - Tartan Sari pickles, Agreeable Nature eggs, Abdal’s shatta, Oamaru Organic spuds & vegies, Holy Cow Milk along with many other great producers.  He has a great relationship with Havoc Farm Pork who often help out with his stall at the Market from time to time.  Havoc supply pork for those popular hand-crafted bangers – the pork goes through the mincer at 8mm producing a good course sausage with no fillers and Princes St Butcher also provide ‘Value Added Havoc Pork Products’ at the Market using other cuts of their pork.  Supplier relationships are important to Dave, he likes to have visited the farm, know the farmers & trust the quality of their product.  For example, his lamb comes from the farm of Tracey & Carey Hancox at Catlins Coast Premium Meats.  He gets wild venison from Red Tussock in Otago, Chevron goat from Shingle Creek in Alexandra, beef from Hereford Prime & Pure South, etc.  Dave loves the face-to-face side of his business, his background as a sales manager & as a chef mean he appreciates good conversation, good food and a passion for cooking. He also finds consumer psychology fascinating.  The butchery has a dry ager for aging some cuts for the premium line. Nothing is wasted in store & they will always find a way to maximise everything.

Dave really enjoys the Market, he loves going down there & setting up, there’s a great bunch of vendors with a real good atmosphere & everyone is having a good time with a really awesome group of people he says.  Often Rowan will front the stall later in the morning, he works in the butchery through the week (and has worked in butcheries & farms since he was 14) & Dave has brought butcher’s Noel and Errol out of retirement to work in the shop. 

Dave has lots of ideas for the future in growing his business but is also cautious in these more challenging times to not rush anything.  He provides a simple shop front at the Market, but those poly boxes hold some of the best bangers in town along with fancy oven ready gourmet cuts to save you the hassle (or the expertise!) for those dinner parties along with great quality secondary cuts.  Something for all - if you are a lover of meat!


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