Quick Rustic Apple Tart with Gingernut Cookie Ice Cream



Cookie Ingredients:
170gm butter
¼ cup golden syrup
¾ cup brown sugar
1 egg
2 ¼ cups flour
½ tsp cloves
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp ginger
1 tsp baking soda
25g crystalized ginger

Ice Cream Ingredients:
6 egg yolks
¾ cup brown sugar
2 ¼ cups milk
¾ cup cream
2 tsp vanilla
20gm fresh ginger
½ tsp cinnamon

Tart Ingredients:
175gm butter
1 ½ cups flour
1/3 cup ice water
Pinch salt

Tart Filling Ingredients:
60gm butter
½ cup brown sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
2-3 Pacific Rose Apples


Preheat the oven to 170 degrees celsius. Make the cookies first, soften the butter and beat until light and fluffy with the golden syrup and brown sugar. Add the egg and then mix through the remaining dry ingredients. Roll the cookie dough into balls (roughly 40g each) and flatten on a baking paper lined tray. Bake the cookies for 12-14 minutes until light golden brown. Allow the cookies to cool.

Make the ice cream base next. Heat the milk, cream and vanilla in a pot with the fresh ginger grated in to infuse. Beat together the egg yolks and brown sugar until light and fluffy. Pour the hot milk/cream over the egg yolks whilst whisking continuously. Strain the custard through a fine sieve into a clean pot. Return to the heat and cook on low while stirring constantly. Cook until the custard is thickened and coats the back of a wooden spoon. Do not allow to boil though as it will split! Place the cooked thickened custard over iced water to cool it. Once the custard is cool, churn in an ice cream maker. Alternatively, you can freeze in a large container and every 30- 45 minutes remove from the freezer and whip with a whisk or a wooden spoon (or stick blender if you have one), continuing this process until it is frozen completely. The more you whip it the smoother and creamier it will be.

To make the tart, preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius.. Make the pastry for the tart base. In a food processor, place the flour, salt and butter. Process until it resembles bread crumbs. Add the iced water and pulse until it comes together. Roll the dough out on a floured bench until it is a circle about 35cm in diameter. Melt the butter and brush over the base of the pastry. Mix together the cinnamon and brown sugar and sprinkle over the base. Wash, quarter and core the apple wedges. Slice into thin slices and then arrange over the base of the pastry, leaving a 4 cm edge all the way around. Fold the edge over on itself so it sits at the edge of the apple filling. Brush the remaining butter over the apples and sprinkle of the remaining cinnamon and brown sugar. Rest the tart in the fridge for 10 minutes before baking. Bake the tart for approx. 20 minutes until the pastry is golden brown. Enjoy warm with the gingernut ice cream.


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