Rhubarb Hibiscus Gin Jam



2 Tbsp hibiscus gin (No.8 Distillery)

3 cups rhubarb chopped

5 Tbsp maple syrup

1/4 cup water

2 Tbsp chia seeds

1 lemon juiced


On medium to low heat put chopped rhubarb, maple syrup and water in a pot and bring to a simmer, stirring until soft and most of the liquid absorbed.  Add chia seeds and continue to cook, stir until it thickens, approx. 5 to 6 mins.

Turn off the heat, add lemon juice and gin. Taste and add extra gin if desired. Pour into jars and refrigerate.

It will thicken in the fridge as it cools, it will last 1-2 weeks. 




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