Roasted cauliflower risotto with hazelnuts



Serves 4

100ml extra virgin olive oil

1 knob of butter

1 cauliflower

1 litre vegetable stock

1 onion

2 cloves of garlic

100 g Parmesan cheese

2 tablespoons olive oil

unsalted butter

400 g risotto rice

250ml of dry white wine


Preheat the oven to 180.

Trim the cauliflower into of equal size small florets. Keep the best-looking ones (about 6 per person) and put on a baking tray with some olive oil, set aside.

With the remaining cauliflower trim what you can from the stalk and combine with any other off-cuts. Boil about 1 cup of stock and add the chopped cauliflower off-cuts, cook for 5 minutes and then puree using a hand blender or liquidizer, set aside. To start the risotto, cook the onions and garlic slowly until soft. Add the rice and coat with the oil, be generous with the olive oil so all the rice is lightly covered. Turn up the heat and keep stirring the rice until the grains become translucent. Add your wine and reduce to a syrup. Add the vegetable stock slowly always stirring the mixture, this process ensures the starch comes out of the rice and the risotto is creamy.

Meanwhile, put cauliflower florets in the oven and roast them until cooked. Once the rice is nearly ready add the cauliflower puree, parmesan cheese and a knob of butter. Test the rice it should be al dente but not crunchy, and the mixture should be quite runny, don’t be afraid to add more stock if you think it needs it, this is just a guideline. Serve on plates with the roasted cauliflower, chopped hazelnuts and a drizzle of olive oil for a garnish.


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