Savoury Jerusalem Artichokes

Vegan , Vegetarian


Jerusalem Artichokes – thinly sliced (Ettrick Gardens)
Spinach – shredded
Olive Oil (Dunford Grove)
Seasoning – garlic powder, mixed herbs, paprika, salt & pepper


Heat oil in pan over medium heat, add sliced J. Artichokes and toss with seasoning (add and adjust to personal taste, you could add an additional choice of herb if you would like a specific flavour). Add spinach once artichokes are almost fully cooked and toss through for a couple of minutes before serving.


Jerusalem Artichokes are a great versatile vegetable which can be used in place of potatoes in a lot of dishes. This dish is a quick and easy option which can make a great vegetable side dish, and doesn’t need pre-cooking.


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