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Kate's passion for plants, cooking, and their histories laid the foundation for Stonehurst Herb & Edible Plant Nursery. Growing up on a farm, Kate embraced the rhythm and timing of Mother Nature, fostering a love for gardening.

With a background spanning plant nurseries, floriculture, fungi-culture, and farming (dairy, sheep & beef), along with certificates in Horticulture and Agri Business Management, and holding a Bachelor of Art (Design) and a Bachelor of Science (Botany), Kate has discovered a perfect blend of curiosity, culinary exploration, and the sheer joy of gardening.

Stonehurst offers a diverse selection of potted plants, all of which are either traditional 'herbs' or have been used for food/medical purposes in the past. Building on this foundation, Kate has expanded her offerings to include a delightful array of locally crafted vinegars and syrups. Each of these condiments is infused with unique flavors derived from the very plants she passionately grows and sells.


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