Tartan Sari

Added Value

profile.jpg Let's go on a voyage. From Goa, an Indian paradise, to new beginnings in the heat of Kenya. From a chance meeting in Scotland to the hustle and bustle of London Town. Across the seas to the tranquility of Dunedin and this is where OUR story begins. Well-travelled secret family recipes adapted and perfected along the way. An irresistible treat. One taste and you're hooked.

Tartan Sari is a second-generation family business that creates hand-made, small-batch, authentic, spicy, vegan Goan pickles and curry pastes. Our products are made from secret recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation and have travelled the world to get to you.

London-born foodie Danielle Culling has grown up surrounded by the flavours and cultures of both Goan and Scottish parentage. From childhood, Ron and Louisa schooled Danielle well in the process of re-creating the family’s secret recipes and now she has followed in their footsteps by making these recipes for all to enjoy.

Tartan Sari is passionate about using quality, seasonal produce and only uses NZ-grown fruit and vegetables – locally sourced where possible.

Our flavours include: Apple, Carrot, Tomato, Zucchini, Orange & Lemon Pickles and Goan Curry Paste.


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