Tempeh Fries

Vegetarian , Vegan


1 packet of tempeh (Marie’s Plant Based Food)

1-2 Tbsp paprika

1 tsp sumac 

Sea salt & ground black pepper

500 ml plain cooking oil 


Dry with a clean t towel and cut tempeh into finger size fries, in a bowl toss the tempeh with paprika, sumac, salt and pepper. You want it well coated, sit aside for 20 minutes for the tempeh to marinate. Using a heavy based pan, cover the bottom of the pan with cooking oil to around 1cm and heat. Test by dipping an end of a fry in the oil, if it starts to fry you are on the way. Don’t try and cook too many at a time, as they won’t crisp up. Place them on a paper towel and put in the oven while cooking the rest. 

Serve with your favourite sauce (vendor recommendation: Butler’s Gooseberry Sauce).  


Recipe by: Amy Dougherty


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