The Bacon Buttie Station

Ready to Eat , Meat , Primary Produce

The Bacon Buttie Station Mike Cornelissen 2.jpg Mike set up in a butcher shop in Concord with his Dad when he was 17 and was fired up with lots of ideas. Eventually Mike bought the shop off his Dad.

As supermarkets became more popular it no longer made sense to keep the butcher shop operating. About this time Mike decided to experiment in making specialist products. With his Dutch heritage and his father’s know-how he started with biersticks.

Mike moved into the premises he still works out of in Halfway Bush about 28 years ago and started making bacon, curing it in a time honoured Dutch way. He won the contract to provide all the meat for the Otago Boys Hostel and after 15 years of providing quality meat to the hungry lads it was time for a change.

When the OFM opened in 2003 Mike and his step daughter Tia went to check it out and they decided to give it a go - selling bacon in croissants and a range of Dutch small goods. They had the perfect opening day with the sun shining and were sold out by 9.30am! Mike decided to commit to the market and over time refined his set up. Voila The Bacon Buttie food truck! The product has almost never changed during this time, with the focus on quality bacon.
Mike buys his free range pork from Fresh Pork in Christchurch. He bones them out, makes bacon, ribs, crackle and other small goods all of which gets sold at OFM and from the Bacon Buttie Station during the week.

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