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The Port Larder Nicola and Esther Charteris 2.jpg Nicky Charteris, owner/operator of The Port Larder, is a domestic goddess in the very best possible way.

Combining traditional values including active foraging, a love of great food and an unerring talent for awesome flavour combinations, Nicky produces a small, select range of absolutely delicious condiments and preserves using heirloom recipes.

Producing the amazing products she does requires quite a commitment in terms of time. Nicky and her family and friends forage for elderflowers, wild currants, puha and parsley in season. Other local items are primarily sourced from vendors at the OFM. Nicky likes to utilise ordinary produce, like marrows, and transform them into exotic tasting flavour hits. She tries to use at least 60% local produce and when she sees a glut of something asks herself the question, “What can I do with that?”

Nicky was raised in Dunedin, in a family where foraging was part of the fabric of life and preserving was just what Mum did to maximise gluts of summer fruit. She researches old recipe books, sourced from second hand book shops, to find popular recipes from days gone by. Some customers have a nostalgic reaction to seeing these products for sale, others are trying them for the first time. Both end up as repeat customers.

Not all of Nicky’s recipes are from yesteryear. Her wild parsley green pesto and sundried tomato red pesto are sold out early every week. These are made fresh on the Friday prior to market day and it is this freshness that really zings on the palate.

Taste - batches are made on a small scale which ensures quality and taste

Local - The Port Larder is committed to using OFM and local produce whenever possible

Packaging - The majority of produce is packaged in recycled jars. Customers are encouraged to return clean jars to get a discount on their next purchase.

Price Packaging is minmal and labelling is plain, which helps Port Larder to keep its prices reasonable.

List of produce:-

Available all year round
Tomato Kasundi
Indian Date Chutney
Onion and Balsamic Vinegar Marmalade
Sundried Tomato Pesto
Green Goddess Pesto
Black Olive Tapenade

Seasonal availability
Bombay Pear Chutney
Apricot Kasundi
Ceylon Sauce (made from marrow)
Plum Sauce with Juniper
Apple Jelly
Quince and Star Anise Jelly
Fruit Cordial and Syrup eg Elderflower, Rhubarb, Rosehip etc

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