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87F8775B-D2E0-4D55-A1DB-F7C3CEA626C6.jpeg A small, select range of absolutely delicious condiments and preserves using heirloom recipes


Di Noone is the passionate new owner of The Port Larder, taking over what Nickee established 4 years ago. All the products will continue to be made with the same recipes and the same sustainable recycling practices. Diane is excited to continue the fine tradition of the art of preserves and condiments at a cottage industry level. With the same high quality of produce and customer service we’ve all grown to love at the Market.

List of produce:

Available all year round:
Tomato Kasundi (a spicy sauce with chili, ginger and cumin)
Indian Date Chutney (a rich dark and exotically spiced thick chutney)
Onion and Balsamic Vinegar Marmalade
Sundried Tomato & Green Goddess Pesto (using locally available herbs and greens)
Black Olive Tapenade

Seasonal products using local produce:
Bombay Pear Chutney
Apricot Kasundi
Ceylon Sauce (made from local marrows or swedes and flavoured with tamarind and Indian spices)
Plum Sauce with Juniper
Apple Jelly, Mint Jelly
Quince and Star Anise Jelly
Fruit Cordial and Syrup eg. Elderflower Cordial, Rhubarb Cordial, Rosehip Syrup & Apple Syrup

A selection of these will be available each week, depending on seasonality.



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