The Port Larder

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87F8775B-D2E0-4D55-A1DB-F7C3CEA626C6.jpeg A small, select range of absolutely delicious condiments and preserves using heirloom recipes


Di Noone loves home preserving. She makes homemade sauces, pesto’s, crackers, tapenade, relishes, fruit jellies & pastes & lots more the old-fashioned way.  Using authentic heirloom recipes which she has adapted, she utilizes local produce supplied from all around the Otago Farmers Market to make products for her cottage industry - The Port Larder.  Her tasty and real artisan range is made small batch in recycled jars.  She encourages her customers to return the clean, empty jars each week.

The Port Larder supply a number of cafes around the city who rely on her homemade chutneys to enhance their popular dishes.  She has many top sellers like the Indian date chutney, various seasonal pesto flavours & tapenade for her repeat & new customers.  She likes to hero the fresh ingredients she buys at the Market.  She says her local fruit jams taste like they did as a kid, with simply the fruit as the star.  Her tomato sauce has less than a quarter of the sugar than more commercial sauces, so these are popular for children. 

Each week there is often something new from the season to look forward to at her stall.  She has many old-fashioned recipes, often little known to a younger population, but nostalgic for many of us (how we remember preserves & sauces used to taste!).  Di enjoys seeing her customers buy the labours of her love & engaging with them each weekend and we are pleased that she keeps these traditions going.


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