Vintage Red Bites

Meat , Sauces / Marinades


1 packet of vintage red sausages (Blue Mountain Butchery)

1 bunch of radishes (Oamaru Organics)

1 Tbsp olive salt (Dunford Grove)

Zest and juice of 1/2 lemon


Sauce to serve:

2 Tbsp horseradish cream 

1 Tbsp seeded mustard 

1 Tbsp cut parsley 

Ground black pepper 


Heat a fry pan, add sausages, cook, and set aside to rest. Cut radishes into quarters and pan fry, adding olive salt, lemon zest and juice, toss and cook. They still need to have a crunch to them about 3 to 4 minutes should be good. Cut the sausages on an angle and using picks put radishes and sausages together. 

Mix together, the sauce ingredients and serve with the bites.


Recipes by:  Amy Dougherty


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