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Steve Webber & partner Margelyn Guesta of Webbers Gourmet Chicken - a family run business for over 60 years, previously known as Dunedin Poultry. Steve started at the OFM with his father Ivan right back when the market first started and has seen huge changes in the meat industry. One of which is that people tend to want smaller cuts of meat rather than the roasts that predominated back when he started out. Red meat has perhaps become less popular as people become more health conscious and choose to eat less fat.

Their dressed chickens come from Christchurch and there are three conventional chicken processing plants in the South Island all of which are in Christchurch. Webbers chicken is both barn raised and free-range. Farmers Market New Zealand had approved Dunedin Poultry chicken with “Approved Local” status as they buy in non-local meat and process it into added value products.

The poultry arrives to their site in Glasgow St where they skin and bone it and portion into different cuts. They add value to some cuts by making chicken kiev, chicken cordon bleu and other favourites. At the OFM they sell mostly boneless thighs and breasts. They are also able to offer halal chicken as Tegal have halal slaughter lines.

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027 738 1804


Steve Webber 30 Glasgow Street South Dunedin


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